This Makes us Different


Design always starts with ideas. Tell us yours. We aren't here to tell you how to run your business, we want to make a website which fits in with your strategy and which reflects your philosophy.


Thirty years in business means we will understand what your needs are and we won't waste time with things you just don't need. We want to make a site which is appropriate for you. One which does the job.


You might be suprised at how easy it is to stay in touch, to keep people informed and keep them coming back. You might be suprised at the benefits of effective online communication.


We know what we are doing. We write the code. We also literally write the manuals for our favourite CMS. We can take a site apart and put it all back together again. We know how it works.

All Cyber Press Websites are :-


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Get in Touch

TRW Tim Whittingham has been using computers since 1985 when he first set up an Amstrad to calculate cutting lists in a joinery workshop. He says that blue sky thinking comes easily when you can walk the dog on the Quantocks.

Tim is able to read and write html and css fluently in plain text and has a sound working knowledge of php, javascript and image editing. He is a member of the GetSimple CMS Team, he has written a number of tutorials for GetSimple users and his designs for the platform are in use worldwide.

Telephone: 01278 732446
Mobile: 07767 790946
email: tim at cyberpress dot biz

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